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About Farm Star

Farm Star-branded products promote sustainable agricultural practices throughout Africa.


We offer safe, high-quality, organic agricultural inputs. Our products help ensure food security, while improving farmer welfare. We manufacture and sell our products locally in Kenya.

Farm Star’s first product on the market, Evergrow Organic Fertilizer, helps farmers increase crop yields and improve soil health. Check out the map to see where Evergrow is currently sold.

The problem

Farm Star-branded products address a variety of problems facing farmers today.

Maintaining healthy soil is critical to ensuring healthy crops and high yields. However, most soil in Kenya is deplete of core nutrients due to poor farming practices. To improve soil health, we need to add organic matter to the land. Most farmers use manure to address this issue. Evergrow Organic Fertilizer is an upgrade to the traditional practice of manure application.

What is Evergrow?

Evergrow is a high-quality, fully decomposed organic fertilizer that adds soil nutrients, improves soil structure, and increases the effect of chemical fertilizers. Apply Evergrow to your farm to see healthier crops and 30% higher yields this season.

Benefits of Evergrow


Evergrow’s Success in Numbers

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What is Evergrow’s composition?

Nitrogen (N) >3.0%
Phosphorus (P) >1%
Potassium (K) >1%
Calcium (Ca) >5%
Carbon (C) >15%
C/N Ratio 20:1
Organic Matter >20%
Inert Materials 3%
Moisture >25%
pH 6.5 – 8.5
Manganese (Mn) >200ppm
Iron (Fe) >1200ppm
Zinc (Zn) 850ppm
Copper (Cu) 100ppm
Boron (B) 20ppm

How Do I use Evergrow?

We recommend application rates of 500-1000kgs per acre as follows:

  • Legumes including French Beans, Snowpeas, and Gardenpeas: 500kg/acre or one handful per running meter
  • Tomatoes and Capsicums: 1000kg/acre or one handful per planting hole
  • Onions: 500kg/acre or one handful per square meter
  • Other crops: Contact us!

What crops can I use Evergrow on?

Evergrow works on any crop. You will see most return on investment on high value vegetable crops including legumes, tomatoes, capsicum, and onions.

Is Evergrow safe?

Evergrow is a high-quality and safe organic input for your farm. Plant material, minerals, and treated biosolids are combined and composted to create Evergrow. The heat generated in our thermophyllic aerobic digestion process eliminates harmful pathogens to make the product safe to use. After the processing period, the fertilizer cures and stabilizes and is then screened to produce the finished product. Finally, the quality and safety of our fertilizer is tested by independent laboratories using ISO certified processes, so you know you can rely on a consistently safe and good product.

This fertilizer from Farm Star has worked really well for me. I have used it on my peas and it has helped with the disease that caused my peas to dry up–now they don’t dry up! It has also helped increase flowering in my plants and increased my yield by a lot.
Mama Derrick Pea Grower in Timau, whose yield increased 67% in the first season of using Evergrow.

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